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Finding a missing VITAL module on which you are teaching

If you log in to VITAL and cannot find the module(s) on which you are teaching this coming year in your module list then for most standard taught modules here is a checklist of how to resolve this problem. (For 'pseudo-modules' and other special modules you will need to check with your school or departmental office on how to gain access to the modules you need.)


  • If you have a long list of modules on your VITAL homepage, double-check for the module quickly by hitting the keyboard 'CTRL' and 'F' buttons together, enter the module ID in the search box that appears to search the page for the module (check you have the correct year code when you find the module).


  • Next, if you haven't yet found the module, particularly if you have a very long list of modules, go to the 'Courses' tab from your home page section and search the modules under the Course List here. If it appears now then you can get it to display on your home page and change the order where it appears by following this FAQ - make sure that the Course name box is checked (step 2 - you can also uncheck modules you do not want to see) and then drag the module higher up your list of modules (step 4).


  • If the module is still not found then access TULIP by logging-in to the Digital University, select TULIP from the TOOLS menu. From the TULIP Home panel, select the Teaching menu, then the Modules option. Select Modules Specifications. Check whether the module appears in the list here.
    • If it does not then double check by entering the module ID in the Find box and clicking the Go button. If it does not appear here then you should contact whoever manages module specifications for your school or department to check whether you have been included on the module specification and that the module specification itself has gone through the correct approval process.
    • If it does appear, then click the View link to the left of the module title. Check whether your name appears in the relevant field (section 10 or 13).
      • If it does appear then please contact CSD Servicedesk with the details of your missing module.
      • If it still does not appear then you need to contact whoever is responsible for module specifications in your school or department as above. 


  • Contact CSD Servicedesk if you cannot resolve this enrolment issue following the steps above.