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Turnitin Class list - Student(s) missing - Roster Sync View
Sometimes a Turnitin class list does not match the list in the Grade Centre. The reason for this is that the Grade Centre is 'live' and reflects the very latest enrolments in the module taken from SPIDER, whereas the Turnitin assignment takes a 'snapshot' view of the Grade Centre at the time it was created and is not updated again unless you tell it to update. If people join the module or drop out later in the semester then whilst this information is reflected in the Grade Centre it is not in Turntin.
To rectify this, open the Turnitin assignment page (Control Panel > Course Tools > TurnitinUk Assignments) and you will see in the upper right area a button called "Roster Sync" as in the screen shot below. Click this and after a few moments the Turntin class list should now match the Grade Centre list.

Click image to view a larger version.

Setting up Turnitin Assignments View

A Turnitin assignment creates a link in your VITAL module for students to submit their work electronically for a specific assignment. There is a robust three-step submission process and students receive an electronic receipt when they submit successfully.

Turnitin provides an online, text-matching service that can help with the detection of plagiarism and collusion in work submitted electronically by students. This is the Originality Report produced by Turnitin for each piece of submitted work.

Turnitin only allows one file to be submitted and does not cater for group submissions. Files must be under 20MB, less than 400 pages and at least 20 words.

There is also the option of using the Blackboard Assignment tool in VITAL, which allows more file types, larger submissions and group work, but does not offer the text-matching or receipt facilities that Turnitin does (see related FAQ).

For comprehensive step-by-step guidance on setting up a Turnitin assignment, please use this guide: https://guides.turnitin.com/03_Integrations/Turnitin_Partner_Integrations/Blackboard/Blackboard_Learn/Blackboard_Basic/Instructor_User_Manual/01_Creating_a_Turnitin_Assignment

To get started with setting up a Turnitin assignment in a module, go to the area where you want to create an assignment for students to submit their work. With the edit mode ON, hover your mouse over the Assessments menu button and select 'TurnitinUK Assignment' from the pop-up menu. The guide lnked-to above will describe the rest of the steps to follow.

(click image for larger version)

To view the submitted student work, go to the Control Panel of the module, open the Course Tools area, and click on the link TurnitinUK Assignments. You will see a page that lists all of the assignments you have set up in the module. Click the relevant assignment title to open the class list submissions page for that assignment.

For guidance on reading Originality Reports, please use this guide (which is a large pdf file and will start downloading as soon as you click on the link): https://turnitin.com/static/resources/documentation/turnitin/training/Instructor_Originality_Report_Chapter_2.pdf

If you would like further advice or training on using Turnitin, please contact the eLearning Unit.

Turnitin is also a suite of online tools that offers a paperless assignment process. This encompasses managing student submission, grading, commenting and feedback, and gathering statistical information on your marking. You can use those parts of this process that will be most useful to your specific requirements.

How to read Turnitin Originality Reports View

The Turnitin originality score seen on assignment classlists indicates the overall amount of text in a student's work found matching against the specified search databases (typically a. database of Internet pages, b. all submissions to TurnitinUK and c. selected electronic journals, conference proceedings and e-books) 


The Turnitin Originality Report lets you view these matches in context and make a judgement as to whether plagiarism has taken place.


Reports are accessed from the Turnitin assignment classlist by clicking on the originality score for a student submission, as in the screenshot below. (Once you have opened one student's Originality Report you can then move directly through all the other reports.)



This official guide from Turnitin details fully how you can:


  • Check matches highlighted in the student text against their original source
  • Exclude 'false positive' matches
  • Exclude/include quoted or bibliographic text matches
  • Prepare reports for printing

GradeMark feedback accessibility View
Please note that currently the feedback made using GradeMark is not fully accessible. See this accessibilty statement and report from Turnitin for full details.

How to view / download your Turnitin receipt View

To view/ download your Turnitin receipt you must


1. Log into Vital and go to the module where you submitted your assignment. 

2. Click on the Assessment content area 

3. Click on View/Complete for the Turnitin assignment

4. Either click on the download button and select Digital receipt



or click on View. This will open up your submitted work. On the bottom left there is a printer icon which once clicked you can select the option to download a PDF of your digital receipt.


Turnitin and PDF files - advice View

The following advice on pdf file submission to Turnitin will help you avoid or resolve most problems with the rare ocasion when pdfs cause problems for students (not being able to submit, formatting problems and so on).


Turnitin does accept PDF files, however, please note that image-based PDFs, forms, and portfolios are not supported. In some cases third party PDF creators or plugins may create PDF files which are not entirely compliant with the PDF standard. This can result in unexpected results when Turnitin attempts to process and render the document image in the Document Viewer -- Turnitin may fail to render such files or they may be displayed with missing content.

If the file you are trying to upload or display is a PDF and you are encountering problems, please check the following settings using Adobe® Reader:


  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.
  2. From the "File" menu, select "Properties."
  3. Select the following tabs and check to see what they contain:
    • Security tab - Check to see that both "Page Extraction" and "Copying" are set to allowed.  If they are not, then Turnitin cannot extract the text to allow the system to work.  (Solution is to ensure that a new PDF is created which allows copying and extraction.
    • Fonts tab -  If some of the fonts have (embedded subset) next to their names, then this may explain why the submission has failed.  Our system has not been able to extract the text associated with those fonts.  (This is often linked to the Security tab above).
    • Verify that the PDF is text-based (image-based PDFs are not supported for Originality Check). Proceed to highlight the text of your document with your mouse. If you are not able to highlight any text, your PDF is an image and does not contain text. Another option is to try a "Save As" or "Save as Other" and save to a .txt file. If the resulting .txt file is empty, no text can be rendered from the document.
    • Verify that the PDF is not a "Portfolio" containing multiple files. If the "File" menu option shows "Portfolio Properties" rather than the "Properties" option, the file type is not supported.
    • Verify that the PDF is not a form. If you are prompted to "Please fill out the following form," within Adobe Reader, the file type is not supported.