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Turnitin Class list - Student(s) missing - Roster Sync View
Sometimes a Turnitin class list does not match the list in the Grade Centre. The reason for this is that the Grade Centre is 'live' and reflects the very latest enrolments in the module taken from SPIDER, whereas the Turnitin assignment takes a 'snapshot' view of the Grade Centre at the time it was created and is not updated again unless you tell it to update. If people join the module or drop out later in the semester then whilst this information is reflected in the Grade Centre it is not in Turntin.
To rectify this, open the Turnitin assignment page (Control Panel > Course Tools > TurnitinUk Assignments) and you will see in the upper right area a button called "Roster Sync" as in the screen shot below. Click this and after a few moments the Turntin class list should now match the Grade Centre list.

Click image to view a larger version.

Upgrade administrator Course Builder to Instructor View
(Click here for the full eLearning Unit guide to staff enrolments on VITAL.)

Departmental TULIP administrators are automatically enrolled on all relevant modules at the Course Builder level. This level does not allow access to the Grade Centre of modules and so Course Builders cannot work with student assignments, grades, etc.

Instructor status can be requested if an administrator needs to access the Grade Centre to work with student assignments, grades or assessment data across the department‟s modules. If the staff member to be given department-wide instructor status on VITAL modules already has TULIP administrator status the process is:

The Head of Department or School Manager should send an email to helpdesk@liv.ac.uk for the attention of the VITAL technical team and ask for the administrator to be upgraded to 'Instructor' on all modules. A suggested template email is copied here.

“I would like to request the CSD VITAL team that the status of [name(s)] be upgraded from 'Course Builder' to 'Instructor' for all of modules beginning with code [ ... ].

This is in order that they can use the functions that being a 'Instructor' for a module in VITAL allows and so help in their role as departmental VITAL contact to deal with issues such as working with student assignments and adding Turnitin assignments to modules, which can't be done as a 'Course Builder'.

I understand that CSD usually asks the head of department/school manager if they are happy for this status upgrade to happen because the Instructor status level in a module allows access to things such as student assessment data in VITAL, staff and students enrolment details and the ability to change these, access to communication tools such as any blogs, wikis anddiscussion boards and also to be able to make changes to the content of a module itself.”

After this is done by the VITAL technical team, the administrator should have access as Instructor after the overnight update.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that this request needs to be repeated every new academic year as required.

Create an assignment for students to submit work to View
(NB - this FAQ does not describe the Turnitin assignment tool - please see separate FAQ.)

The Assignment tool creates a link in your VITAL module for students to submit their work electronically for a specific assignment. Assignments accept most file types, large file sizes, multiple file submissions, and group work, but it does not offer the text-matching or receipt facilities that Turnitin does (see related FAQ).

You can grade, offer written feedback and mark by criteria using Rubrics Cards. Assignment submissions are managed through a module's Grade Centre. Each Assignment you make creates a column for that Assignment in the Grade Centre automatically. The due date of an Assignment is automatically entered onto the module's Calendar.

For full guidance on the Assignment tool, including grading, please read this eLearning Unit 'How to' guide.

To get started setting up an assignment, with Edit Mode ON, in the section of the module where you want to create the Assignment link:
  1. hover the mouse over the Assessments button at the top of the screen, and click Assignment from the menu that appears.

  2. Give the assignment a title, some instructions, attach any files you want, decide on whether you want to use Rubrics cards for marking by criteria, and how the students see these, and whether this is for all students to submit work individually, or whether for group submissions.
  3. If group submissions, the groups and their membership will have to have been set up in the module already. You can then specify either ALL groups, or selected groups.
  4. For group submissions, only one group member needs to submit the work for it to register in the Grade Centre for all the group. When you mark the work, you only need to enter the grade etc once for it to be distributed to all students in the group.
  5. Important note about grading. If you are recording grades and feedback in the Grade Centre, and you do not want the students to see these as soon as they have been entered, you must hide both the column for the Assignment in question and the Total column in the Grade Centre (see related FAQ).