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Embed a Stream video in your VITAL module

1. Once your Stream video or audio clip has been processed and you have set the privacy options, log-in to your Stream account, and click on the Your Media tab.

2. Find the item you wish to embed from your list of videos/audio and click the Edit button.

3. Full details for the item are now displayed. On the right hand side is a column which contains the Embed code you need, as highlighted in the screenshot here. Simply click in this box to highlight the text and then copy this.

4. Now go to VITAL and the content area in the module where you want this to appear. Under the Build Content menu button click Create Item.

5. Give the item a title and then click on the HTML button in the text editor as shown in the screenshot below.

6. Paste the code in here and click the Update button. The HTML window will disappear and you will see an light orange square on the text editor page. The video/audio does not appear yet.

7. You can add descriptive text in the text editor if you wish.

8. Click Submit to create the embedded video item.