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Campus Pack Upgrade 2014
The Campus Pack suite of tools (Campus Pack wikis, blogs, journals, podcasts) has been upgraded by the Learning Objects team (the commercial developers and hosts of Campus Packs) so that we have a pleasing new design for the environment and one or two useful new features.

To see the Learning Objects guide to the new-look Campus Pack please visit this page.

For written guidance on using Campus Pack with Blackboard (VITAL) please see their pages here.

The five minute video below from the eLearning Unit shows the changes to Campus Packs..

Below is a summary of the changes. 

You'll see that a lot of the functional menus that used to appear on every page but weren't used much have been tidied away (but still easily accessible from the Settings menu upper right) and the overall design of the pages you see and work in have been updated and improved. You'll also see that the activity information that used to appear in a bar on the right-hand side has been moved to the bottom of the page. The navigation of pages in wikis and posts in a blog/journal has been moved from the right hand side bar to the pages/entries button in the upper left of the page. Structuring a set of wiki pages is made much easier and tagging and searching pages is more visible.

(NB This upgrade does not apply to the Blackboard wiki, blog and journal tools.)