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Add a menu link to an item in the module

You can create a link from a module menu to a specific section or content item within that module. This might be used for a quick link for students to a module assessment, or to a folder containing important resources, for example.


  1. To add a course link to your module menu, with the Edit Mode ON, hover the mouse pointer over the white cross in the top left of the module menu, as shown here.     

  2.  On the pop-up menu that appears, click on the Course Link option.


  3. You will be prompted for a Name for the link and the location of where you want to link to in your module. Click on the Browse button to open a directory of all the sections and items in your module, as shown in the example below. You can open and close sections to find and select an item as you would with Windows Explorer.

  4. If you want it to be immediately accessible to students, check the 'Available to Users' box.


  5. Click 'Submit'. The link will appear at the bottom of your module menu. You can drag and drop this to a different position on the menu.