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Build and edit module menu structure (add new content sections, links, etc)

All modules in VITAL are set up with a basic structure which you can modify by:

  • adding new sections for content
  • re-ordering the module menu and adding dividers and sub-headers
  • adding links to external sites, items in the module and specific tools (e.g. the discussion board) to the module menu.

 All of these modifications are carried out directly on the module menu (highlighted on the upper image here and enlarged below it).


The enlargement above shows three main aspects of the module menu.

  • Hovering over this white cross (A) reveals a drop down menu of options for creating new sections, dividers, links etc on the module menu.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer by a menu item will reveal a downward arrow icon (B) which when clicked reveals a dropdown menu of editing options for that section.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer by a menu item also reveals a two-way arrow icon (C) which indicate that the item can be dragged and dropped to reorder the module menu.


Modifying the module menu structure is done on a module by module basis. You cannot make templates for re-use. Students will see the module menu exactly as you create it (without the editing functionality). Where there is no content in a section students will not see that link on their view of the menu (empty sections are indicated to you by a grey, dotted-line icon next to the link as shown below.

You can also choose to hide a menu link and its associated content from students. If a module section is hidden from students you will see the icon below next to the link title.

Click here for the eLearning Unit's full guide on building and editing your module menu.
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